Detailed information regarding workshops for the 2018 Annual Conference is outlined below. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to get in touch.

Day one

Proposed workshops 11am-1pm (two sessions during these times)

1. Capability - exploring effective ways to deal with an under-performing employee (Host – Nicola Saunders, OAT)
This workshop will look into how every manager, at some point in their career with have to learn to deal with an under-performing employee. There are a number of good ways, and equally as many unhelpful ways to deal with this issue.

2. Employment law (Host - Nick Watson, Stone King)
This workshop will explain the most recent employment law updates and how they might impact schools.

3. Reflecting on results 2018 (Hosts - Dale Bassett and Jane Greenwood, AQA)
This workshop will look at National GCSE results from summer 2018 covering national outcomes, improving performance, looking ahead for 2019 and support for academies.

4. The Ofsted interview for governors (Host - Ofsted)
This workshop will discuss our understanding of what to expect in the governors interview in an Ofsted inspection and how to prepare.

5. Safeguarding - the best of the best (Hosts - Sarah Bloomer, OAT)
This workshop will showcase the best practice from across the OAT family in safeguarding practices.

6. Academy finance for non-financial people (Host - Sam Thomson and Sharlene Attwood, OA)
This workshop will provide an overview on whole school budget management, what comes in, what must go out and everything in-between.

Day two

Proposed well-being workshops 9:10-10:30am

1. Fostering employee wellbeing and improving attendance (Hosts –Carmel Brown and Melanie Wheeler, OAT)
This session will address the issue of absence and the significant costs to businesses. Whilst it’s been reported that sickness absence is at its lowest rate since records began, the same official statistics suggest challenges ahead among older and part-time workers. Fostering employee well-being is good for people and their employers. Promoting well-being can prevent problems from escalating and help create positive working environments where individuals and organisations can thrive.

2. The pressure points of academies (Hosts – Stacey Snagg, OBA and Louise Handley, OCA)
This session explores practical ideas and strategies used in both primary and secondary to help see your pupils, parents and staff through two of the major pressure points in school life; transition and examinations.

3. Sharing social action best practice (Hosts – Anju Virdee and Klara Reddy, OAT)
We have all been busy thinking of great things to do with our #iwill projects in schools. But what is everyone else doing and can we pinch some of their ideas? The #iwill team showcase the many different projects people have devised across the trust for social action.

4. Lesson from headship; How not to lose your head as a head (Host – Rob Pritchard)
This workshop shares the highs and lows over three different headships, drawing on his experience to share possible coping mechanisms for those trickier times.

5. Enriching lives (Host – Jemima Waltho, OAT)
This workshop best way to obtain external funding for enrichment opportunities, what a great programme looks like and shares best practice from across the Trust.

6. Addressing resilience within schools (Host – Dr Sophie Brigstocke, Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families)
This workshop will help identify practical ways to help schools build resilience for their students and the wider community.